Our Mission: Problem Solved.

AIRR Engineering was born out of frustration.  Let’s face it—using a Pitot adapter is not always as simple as sliding it on the Pitot probe and twisting the compression nut.  And if the Pitot heat comes on, you have a real mess.  So real guys with real field experience set out to make Pitot-static testing better and easier.  Right now you can purchase our innovative SmartProbe AOA adapters with a revolutionary manifold and hose system. In addition, we have an ever growing select family of cam-operated Pitot adapters and an industry-first Pitot Saver temperature alarm to help prevent burned Pitot tubes, Pitot adapters, Pitot covers and even fingers.

Our mission is to provide complete air data testing solutions that are so much better you won’t even consider anything else.  And that’s just the beginning.

If you have a problem in the field and need a solution, please email us your request or idea and we promise to get back to you soon.  Thank you for visiting our site.