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The SmartProbe® Angle Of Attack Pitot/Static Probe is a major step forward in avionics data transmission but at the same time it creates the challenge of making a solid Pitot adapter connection.  AIRR Engineering once again started with a clean sheet of paper to create a multi-faceted approach (Patent Pending) to sealing the various zones of the intricate AOA probe.

SmartProbe® AOA Pitot/Static Adapter Features:

  • Fast, consistent, reliable installation
  • Forced positive AOA seal engagement
  • 100% O-ring connections
  • Tough, lightweight, compact color-coded polyurethane ribbon hoses
  • Complementary test plugs and spare seal kits
  • Includes two Pitot Saver pitot heat safety alarms.
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Conventional plumbing for Pitot adapter test kits is awkward, complex and creates unnecessary aggravation and chances for leaks.  Among other weaknesses, the threaded connection count is simply staggering.  The good news is that the current arrangement offers a great opportunity to streamline the hardware to a much more manageable and reliable configuration (Patent Pending) without sacrificing any functionality.

Air Data Isolation Manifold (ADIM) Features:

  • almost complete elimination of threaded connectors in favor of a limited number of O-ring interfaces;
  • individual isolation shut-offs valves for PT, PS1 and PS2 to each adapter without breaking any connections;
  • hose length and color code options;
  • one multi-port connector at each end of a ribbon hose set for each Pitot adapter;
  • compact, light-weight, robust design without the need for hose supports on fuselage;
  • nearly fourfold reduction of dangling cables and dust covers;
  • increased reliability;
  • elimination of tedious pre-test procedures;
  • reduced hardware and operating expenses.

Heavy duty custom fitted rolling case included.