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Is The Pitot Heat On?

Pitot Saver

Everyone Would Know If The Pitot Saver Was On The Job!

The Pitot Saver is an audible and visual temperature alarm to warn of pitot heat activation.
On the ground, where there is no large airflow, Pitot probe temperatures can reach very dangerous levels. Pitot heat can be activated intentionally, unintentionally, automatically or be left on from the previous flight. Whatever the cause, the results can be expensive and very dangerous. Know when the Pitot heat is on. Deploy the Pitot Saver on each Pitot heat circuit.

• Protect Personnel From Severe Burns
• Stop Melting Pitot Probe Adapters And Covers
• Prevent Pitot Probe Contamination
• Prevent Pitot Probe Overheat Damage
• Protect The Integrity Of The Flight Data System
• Prevent Unsafe Flight Or Grounded Aircraft
• Avoid Unnecessary Liability
• Meet Osha 29 Cfr Part 1910.138 Safety Requirements

Made in America from rugged aluminum alloy and polycarbonate.
Pitot Saver Flyer
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WARNING: The Pitot Saver should be used as an aid to help prevent injury and damage from the Pitot probe heater anytime aircraft maintenance is being performed. The Pitot Saver is a warning device only. The Pitot Saver cannot prevent injury or Pitot probe damage.

Two (2) year limited warranty. See our policy page for details. Patent Pending.